Turbines, Turkeys, and Toys 4 Tots, OH MY fun fly Saturday November 30th!


Bakersfield Airplane Radio Control Society

Fly Field Rules


BARKS Buttonwillow Fly Field Rules

It is a privilege that we have to fly here.  Please follow all rules at all times.  For any instance where there is not an applicable rule published by either the AMA or the club, the club member(s) shall always exercise good, mature, safe, and sound judgement erring on the side of safety

All AMA safety rules must be followed


- You must be a current AMA and BARKS member to fly here

- You must utilize a Unicom radio at all times and it must be monitored by a club member while the field is occupied.

- You must give way to full scale aircraft at ALL TIMES!

- No parking on the taxiway or runway

- No parking past the hold stripes on the taxiway (on the east side)

- If you park close to the taxiway, you must move if a full scale aircraft wants to taxi to the tie down area.

- No flying allowed if a full scale aircraft is not clear of the hold lines

- Engine starts must be on the taxiway or within a designated area.

- No taxiing in the restricted area except on the taxiway.

- All low passes, 3D maneuvers, etc. must be done to the North of the center line of the runway (NOT OVER THE RESTRICTED AREA).

- No flying over the restricted area.  This is the area that extends from the edge of the paved tarmac on the West and the East to the runway on the North and the security fence on the South.

- All aircraft will use the paved runway for arrivals and departures.  Hand launching of aircraft will be done outside of the restricted area.

- People on the flight line should be limited to two, a pilot and their caller, per aircraft.

- No children on the flight line unless they are flying

- Limit, FOUR aircraft in the air at one time

- These rules apply to ALL powered aircraft glow, gas, electric, turbine, etc. and ALL sizes.

- Helicopters must follow all club rules and fly in the same pattern as fixed wing aircraft.

- During special events, these rules may be modified by the contest director and/or event coordinator with approval of a designated club officer to provide enhanced safety requirements as determined by the event.

Kern County Airport Rules

According to regulations, there can be absolutely no obstructions of any kind within 150ft of the center line of the runway and for each 1ft in height of any structure (motor home, trailer, etc.) you must add an additional 7ft to that distance.  This means that any motor home or trailer 8ft in height can be no closer that 206ft from the center line of the runway.  Also no vehicles closer than 30ft from the center line of the taxiway.  NO ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION ON SITE!

The gate lock must be on and secure before you leave the flying field.  It is crucial that we comply with the county's wishes in these matters as our access to the facility depends on it.

Academy Of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

Below is a link to the Academy Of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  On their page you can find lot's of awesome information about model aeronautics as well as a link to the AMA Safety Guide.  Also, if you are not yet an AMA member you can join right on their web site!

Academy Of Model Aeronautics Safety Handbook download

Click below to download a copy of the current Academy Of Model Aeronautics Safety Handbook

AMA Safety Handbook (pdf)